[Webinar video] Unlocking Unstructured Data: AI applications in healthcare

Thank you for your interest in our webinar hosted on October 30, 2019. Though you missed our live presentation, we are delighted to provide you with the recording of this informative session you can view on demand at your leisure.

Access the recording: Unlocking opportunities in unstructured data: Applications of AI in healthcare market research

Differentiation is an increasingly important key to success for healthcare brands. You face more and more competition and your niche may be getting smaller and smaller. So, the better you can assess the health of your brand – in particular, its points of differentiation – the better you can build a competitive position.

Machine learning technology has recently become more widely available, providing new analytic tools for researchers to uncover differentiating insights within unstructured data. Over the past few years, Ipsos has been experimenting with and refining applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for unlocking opportunities within this data. We’re pleased to now share our learnings!

Listen to our recorded webinar and follow as our experts share what Ipsos has discovered to date in terms of AI applied to unstructured data – and how it can provide new and nuanced insights for understanding brand differentiation, beyond what traditional closed-ended data and analysis can generate.

As part of our insightful and interactive session, you will:

  • Experience two case studies that directly compare AI-based insights with traditional outputs.
  • Explore the results of a meta-analysis across 50 research studies, which includes AI analysis that demonstrates the important links between real-world brand health and core KPIs generated by AI.

Some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Learn how heuristics form a powerful framework for understanding brand perceptions.
  • Discover how text analytics can help efficiently extract new insights from unstructured data.
  • Explore how leveraging the extent, nature and interconnections between spontaneous associations can act as a diagnostic tool for overall brand health, complementing traditional ways of tracking brand performance and perception

Speakers :

  • David Scowcroft, Senior Vice President, NA, Healthcare

  • Neil Martin, Director, UK, Healthcare

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