Ipsos Lates 2019 - Human + Machine

We are delighted to bring you the highlights of our recent ‘Human + Machine’ event at the London Science Museum, via our Ipsos Lates website.

The author(s)

  • Dr. Pippa Bailey Head of Innovation
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Here we showcase a range of ground-breaking research techniques, blending science, technology and human expertise to truly understand people, markets, brands, business and society.

The Ipsos Lates website includes videos of the Ipsos MORI Talks featured on the night, with insights into connected health, driving disruptive innovations and the future of digital engagement. You can relive the immersive experiences shared on the night, using voice and AI to turn surveys into conversations and showing the value of capturing behaviour in real time using passive monitoring.

We explore how these new technologies can solve your business challenges, in both the private and public sectors, as well as sharing our thought leadership in these areas.

If you're interested in hearing more about the implications for your business, please do get in touch or speak to the relevant contacts listed on the Ipsos Lates website.  

The author(s)

  • Dr. Pippa Bailey Head of Innovation

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