Attitudes towards Rich People

Ipsos MORI were asked in 2018 by IfD Allensbach Institute to survey the public in 3 countries on their perceptions of rich people.

The author(s)

  • Maria Morina Observer
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This explored survey public perceptions of rich people in three countries – France, the US and GB. The survey repeated questions about attitudes towards wealthy and rich people. Also exploring who deserves to be rich and attitudes towards differences in earnings between managers and employees. Furthermore, the survey looked at views on importance of being wealthy and whether taxes for rich people should be higher. 

The survey found that 47% of Britons, 66% of French and 53% of US participants believe that entrepreneurs deserve to be rich.

There are differences between younger and older participants. 33% of Britons under 30 believe that financial investors deserve to be rich.  In France and the US that are 27% respectively. Whereas only 13% of Britons and French 60 years and over believe that financial investors deserve to be rich, in the US this is 22%.

The study was conducted for IfD Allensbach Institute in Germany.

Technical Details

  • The study comprised three identical nationally representative surveys of people aged 15+ conducted face-to-face in GB (n=988 interviews), France (1,011) and online in the US (1,084)
  • The surveys in France and GB were carried out face-to-face in the respondent’s home using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) as part of an omnibus survey
  • These are regular face-to-face surveys carried out by Ipsos’ national offices. Each week multiple clients purchase time for questions on the omnibus. The sampling for an omnibus is thus not created bespoke for each survey, but is consistent in each country from week to week
  • In the US, due to the highly dispersed population, face-to-face research is uncommon, therefore the US survey was carried out using Ipsos’s online omnibus.
  • Quotas were set on age, gender and region in all countries, with additional quotas on occupation and rurality in France and working status and tenure in the UK. This ensured the final achieved samples were nationally representative in each country. The data were then weighted after fieldwork to the known population profile
  • Fieldwork dates: Great Britain 25th May – 10th June 2018, France 28th May – 5th June 2018 and US 1st – 4th June 2018

The author(s)

  • Maria Morina Observer