Monitoring business performance during – and after – social distancing

In a world of social distancing and heightened health concern, it is critical that brands deliver an experience which takes responsibility for the wellbeing of their customers and employees. Delivering a standout customer experience during the crisis will inform consumer behaviour throughout – and perhaps long after – the outbreak. Here is how Ipsos can help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant businesses and organisations everywhere are having to comply with government guidance and restrictions on the number of visitors at sites. On the other hand, failure to adhere to health, safety and legal standards could be detrimental to your brand and your long-term relationships with consumers.

There has never been a more crucial time to build and reinforce customer loyalty to your brand. That is why Ipsos offers a suite of research solutions for improving performance across all customer touchpoints during this crisis, and its impending fallout.

Ipsos’ expert Channel Performance research can help with:
Social Distancing Live Occupancy Count (SDLOC)
Measure and manage your occupancy levels to help comply with the new government social distancing restrictions. Our live Occupancy Counter solution measures customer numbers moving through entrances and exits in any given location, building a factual picture of the flow of store traffic hourly, daily and weekly. The system can quickly inform customers whether it is safe to enter or for them to wait until someone exits because maximum occupancy has been reached. Also, the technology can be configured to include automatic door closure/locking systems.

Social Distancing Audits
Organisations not monitoring social distancing measures may suffer a negative impact on their brand reputation, as well as high attrition rates from consumers choosing to shop elsewhere. On the same high street, consumers may observe different practices; some stores may be employing ‘social distancing’ ambassadors, while some may be employing casual staff at different times of the day, and there will be those not undertaking any compliance measures at all.

Ipsos’ Social Distancing Audit solution uses independent auditors to monitor social distancing outside stores and to check on signage. This ensures your physical locations are acting on immediate strategies, have a heightened focus on maintaining social distancing, are posting virus-education signage, and are providing and maintaining a comfortable environment for all age groups.

In-store Audits
With COVID-19 related measures (such as in-store social distancing, hand-sanitisers, markings and plexiglass) likely to be in place for many months, organisations will need a robust monitor to assess what measures are in place and whether they are being adhered to.
Ipsos’ In-store Audit solution is designed to assess all COVID-19 related measures throughout the customer journey, from external social distancing, internal distancing, markings and signage, interaction with staff members (and other customers), in-store use of sanitisers and the experience at the point-of-sale.

This will ensure location compliance to industry standards and guidelines provided by the British Retail Consortium and/or individual companies. 
Ipsos also offers a Digital Fulfilment solution to monitor how the increase in usage of digital channels is impacting customer experience at individual touchpoints or along their entire digital journey, and Contact Sales and Compliance assessments to measure whether your contact centre is equipped to drive sales and deliver against your brand promise.

For more information about any of these services or how Ipsos can help to keep your customers safe and their experiences positive and robust, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.