Equality Lounge @ Advertising Week

Ipsos is proud to be an official partner of the FQ Equality Lounge, advancing equality together with other leading and forward-thinking brands. That’s why we are excited to be presenting at this year’s Advertising Week Lounge (again!). Don’t miss out hearing more about:

  • The Authenticity Model: How Advertisers are Reaching for Representation in their Brands | October 16 | 10:30am
    Representation has come a long way in advertising, but we have a long way to go. 40% of women do not relate to women shown in advertising, and almost one in two people from marginalized groups felt they had been stereotyped in some way. Join Ipsos’ Mercedes Bender for a dynamic panel discussion featuring leading voices in the advertising industry about what it will take to finally get representation right.
  • What to Do About the Gender-Based Skills Gap in AI | October 16 | 1:30pm
    Over 50% of men are using AI in their professional and personal lives, compared to just a third of women. Why? Women may be less comfortable with AI because they weren’t encouraged to embrace STEM at an earlier age, and they have also expressed more skepticism with AI overall, most likely because of fear of bias. How does this impact the Advertising industry at large, and what’s being done about it? Join Ipsos' Anne Hunter for a discussion on how to close the gap and make AI more equitable for all.
  • A Wake-Up Call for Women's Health in the Workplace | October 17 | 11:30am
    Discrimination, lack of support, and outdated policies around women's health have created barriers for women in the workplace, inhibiting their ability to thrive. In this thought-provoking discussion, leaders will explore the intersection of natural life phases such as menopause and child-bearing and the demands and expectations of the workplace. Ipsos’ Lindsay Franke and Lisa Zielinski will join as panelists to share insights and initiatives that challenge misconceptions, spark innovation, and pave the way for a more inclusive and supportive work environment for women of all ages.
  • Meet the Men Who are All In on the Sheconomy | October 17 | 5pm
    Ipsos' Nick Mercurio joins a panel of Marketing Execs who are proudly Swifty Dads, Barbie’s Kens, Beyoncé’s Boys and World Cup Fans. They will discuss the trend of women powering the trillion dollar economy, what it means for men, for marketers and why they personally are fans of the icons leading the Sheconomy.

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At Ipsos, we are dedicated to researching issues of diversity and inclusion, including gender and intersectionality. Click here to access our library of thought leadership on this topic.

Speakers :

  • Mercedes Bender, Principal, Ipsos Strategy3

  • Lisa Zielinski, Senior Vice President, US, Creative Excellence & Brand

  • Lindsay Franke, President & Service Line Cluster Leader

  • Anne Hunter, SVP, B2B Products and Go-to-Market, Ipsos NA

  • Nicholas Mercurio, Chief Client Officer

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