[WEBINAR] Leveraging behavioral science to predict behavior change post Covid-19

One of the key questions many of us are asking now is – which behaviors are likely to stick when the epidemic is over? Will consumers still snack and drink the way they do now in six months? Will consumers still do activities such as streaming videos and ordering grocery delivery after the Covid-19 epidemic?

Using our Ipsos Habits Framework based on behavioral science principles, Ipsos’ Namika Sagara, Ph.D., will discuss how to predict whether those behaviors might stick or diminish.

Join us for this complimentary webinar to hear more about:

  • What types of cues/triggers of behaviors are likely to be still effective post-pandemic?
  • What are examples of barriers that might contribute to breaking habits?
  • What types of (positive and negative) rewards contribute to lasting behavior?

With this framework, you can gain insights into ways your consumer’s behavior might shift or endure after the pandemic.

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Speakers :

  • Namika Sagara, Ph.D, President, NA, Ipsos Behavioral Science Center

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