[RECORDING] The War in Ukraine: Where the Public Stands

On January 24, Ipsos and the Institute for the Study of War hosted an event exploring public opinion regarding the War in Ukraine at the exclusive Army & Navy Club in Washington. The event was held in the presence of Her Excellency Oksana Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States. It featured insightful data drawn from research recently conducted in Ukraine, the United States and more than two dozen other countries, and was followed by a panel discussion on the resilience of Ukrainian society and the public’s appetite in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere to support Ukraine.

Conference presentations included:

  • Recent U.S. and global surveys on public attitudes toward the war and willingness to support Ukraine
  • A global survey on perceptions of threats and the influence of countries and institutions
  • The Ukraine Resilience Monitor, a survey tracking Ukrainians’ access to basic services, employment and views about reconstruction
  • Data collected in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territories using cutting-edge remote-sensing technology

The panel discussion with Ms. Markarova, Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S., was moderated by Frederick Kagan, Senior Fellow and Director, Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute, former professor of military history at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and featured Darrell Bricker, Global CEO, Public Affairs at Ipsos, and Clifford Young, President, U.S. Public Affairs at Ipsos. The discussion focused on the implications of the research findings for Ukraine, the U.S., and the world. 

For more research from Ipsos and our partners regarding the War in Ukraine, please visit our microsite.

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Speakers :

  • Darrell Bricker, Global CEO, Public Affairs

  • Clifford Young, President, US, Public Affairs

  • Mark Polyak, President of Analytics, Ipsos North America

  • Irina Baleva, Ipsos Country Manager, Ukraine