[WEBINAR] What the Future: Money

The pandemic has likely accelerated preexisting conditions in the financial world, most importantly, a shift to digital transactions, virtual currencies and a fundamental need to connect at-risk populations to financial services that allow them to save, build wealth, and take part in this economy. And banks are no longer the only players in this space. Whatever the economy make look like on the other side, many of these trends will remain. In the latest in our What the Future series, we take a look at the future of money.

This podcast style complimentary webinar will feature exclusive new data and research and interview highlights from the issue. It features author and visionary Douglas Rushkoff on how to put the sharing back in the sharing economy; Overtstock.com CEO Jonathan Johnson on the future of currency; professor and author Lisa Servon about unbanked population; and Rumi Morales on the role of quantum computing in crypto.

If you work in financial services, retail, user experience, tech, corporate reputation or are interested in how consumers are and aren’t struggling financially these days, we’ll give you data and insights to inform your strategies key topics like:

  • Will cryptocurrencies change how people shop?
  • How will people participate in an increasingly digital financial world?
  • Will quantum computing break bitcoin or make it ubiquitous?
  • What the sharing economy of the future should have in common with the Medieval Commons.

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Speakers :

  • Matt Carmichael, Vice President, Editorial Strategy, North America