Segmenting US affluent travelers

With vacation season in full swing, many of us are solidifying last-minute travel plans or checking off final to-dos before heading out to enjoy some time away.

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  • Michael Baer Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Media Development, US
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While it's clear Affluents are a large consumer base of all things travel related, understanding their behaviors and how best to reach them is critical in today's marketplace. Using an iterative clustering approach, Affluent Travelers can be grouped into five differentiated segments.


The wealthiest segment, Jetsetters are highly engaged in the travel category. They are frequent business and vacation travelers with a particular interest in foreign destinations.

Jetsetters | US Affluent Travelers | Ipsos

Taste of first class

Skewing younger, those in the Taste of First Class segment seek quality over quantity. Exhibiting a tendency to splurge on upgrades, they are willing to pay extra for comfort and service.

Tastes of first class | US Affluent Travelers | Ipsos

Domestic Deal-Seekers

Domestic Deal-Seekers look for vacation bargains mainly to destinations within the U.S. While their trips are no-frills, they are the most likely to return to spots where they had a great prior experience.

Domestic Deal-Seekers | US Affluent travelers | Ipsos


Homebodies tend to be light travelers and prefer to travel domestically when they do. Generally risk-averse, their leisure is unlikely to include adventurous escapades.

Homebodies | US Affluent Travelers | Ipsos

Experienced explorers

Reporting the second highest household income, Experienced Explorers have both the time and resources to travel. They are heavy international travelers and cruisers.

Experienced explorers | US Affluent Travelers | Ipsos

The author(s)

  • Michael Baer Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Media Development, US

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