[EVENT] The Brand Builders Fight Back

Brand building is under siege. In spite of a wealth of evidence about the importance of long-term brand building, the focus often remains on short-term tactics driven by short-term metrics, just because there’s so much data available.

A fixation with digital communications, 'real time' behavioural data, and an overfocus on 'being available' and 'noticed' can distract marketers from thinking about the role memory salience plays in ensuring their brand is instinctively remembered at the moments that matter, and driving long-term relationships.

Join us to explore brand building at its best, in the face of short-termism. We'll investigate: 

  • What a mental network is and why it's key to brand growth
  • Emotional brand building comms
  • How a strong brand can insulate you from the result of a bad experience

Guest Speaker: Dr Helen Edwards, Partner at Passionbrand strategic brand consultancy, co-author of 'Creating Passion Brands: How to Build Emotional Brand Connection with Customers', and an award-winning business columnist.

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