Brazil must embrace its diversity as it heads into the future.

Flair Brazil 2023 | Society | Consumers | Marketing | Conclusion

In Ipsos Flair Brazil 2022: Gaps and Bridges, we talked about how the pandemic impacted everything, by widening gaps, whether social, economic, or political. At the same time, new bridges were being built, creating new connections and transforming the way we relate to each other, and to some extent, impacting our own identity.

Covid-19 is not completely gone, but it is no longer a priority for Brazilians. And in the gap left by the pandemic, other crises have surfaced, making people reflect on not only who they are today, but who will they be tomorrow.

Identity is certainly a rising issue and it is fundamental for society to restructure itself in face of so many successive crises.

Identity can serve both to group us together and to offer differentiation.

As individuals we have our political identity, our social identity, and our personal identity. Each of these is manifested today most effusively in the context in which we live – and, more than ever, context does matter.

This edition of Flair focused on how identity manifests across the spectrum of society, markets, and people’s lives.

Today, many “me, myself and I’s” exist within a single individual. Many cultures are forming the same society. Many visions are trying to explain the same world. It is time to embrace the plurality that forms our country and make the best of it to really understand the many identities of Brazil.

Table of content

  1. An introduction to Flair Brazil 2023
  2. Inflation
  3. Afro-Brazilian culture
  4. Parallel conversations
  5. Brands without identity
  6. The diversity of beauty in Brazil
  7. Is 60 the new 40?
  8. Conclusion