How Do Saudi Millennials Engage and Connect?

In today’s digitised world, the advent of social media has changed the lives of many. Millennials are a generation that grew up with social media and witnessed rapid advancements in technology, thus shaping their lives.

In Saudi Arabia for example, millennials were exposed to social platforms and smartphones, changing the way they approach different elements of their lives, be it people or things, and how they engage with content and the various mediums they are exposed to.

How Millennials Engage Online

Based on a recent study conducted by Ipsos Connect in Saudi Arabia, millennials strongly care about what others have to say, and they do not like to stay quiet, rather encouraged to share their viewpoints. 94% of Saudi millennials are active online, engaging others on their platforms with likes, comments, shares or by posting things they are interested in or find a need to spread awareness about.

Social Media Platforms Penetration

It is no surprise that the internet and social media became the main source of communication among millennials used daily, for around two hours per day. These figures contrast with traditional media, which are less likely consumed (TV at 6 times per week, radio at 5 times per week, video games 4 times per week, and newspapers and magazines only 3 times per week). Clearly, Saudi millennials’ usage of new technology has affected their interest in traditional media, where 68% of the millennials now consume less content on traditional TV and more on digital and social media

TV Consumption

One can draw the assumption that millennials are strongly connected to their mobile phones, and it is the main device used to access social media which in return allows them to interact with the outside world, see what friends are talking about and check what is trending online. 

In Saudi Arabia, Instagram is the most popular social media platform used by millennials, followed by Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Privacy is a big concern to them, where it has evolved overtime especially among those who use Facebook and Snapchat. Millennials have less of a need to preserve their privacy on platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbler.

With internet consumption increasing among millennials and with a greater need for on-demand content, online streaming has become more popular. More than 60% of the Saudi millennials stream videos online, 77% watch TV stations online, 66% stream music through an application, 77% download music, 88% read daily news portal online, and 53% listen to online radio.

With more people going online, Saudi millennials triggered the media consumption balance allowing digital to win the top spot in the hierarchy and outshine traditional media. 

Source: Ipsos in KSA Millennials 2017

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