How mystery shopping drives better automotive CX performance

Changing Gear - What should an automotive mystery shopping programme focus on? What do car manufacturers and dealers want from a mystery shopping programme?

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  • Jakub Hankovský Ipsos Loyalty, Czech Republic
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Jakub Hankovský explores the different options available to automotive manufacturers, importers and dealerships, and how a well-executed mystery shopping campaign can fuel a better customer experience for customers and employees alike.

The automotive industry is facing a technological revolution, and with it, customer expectations are rapidly developing. Evolving products and a race for 'new services’ has started to create pressure on the network-readiness of providers. The need for new showroom design and equipment, omnichannel ability, staff training, certification and a host of other demands has led to overall efficiency and customer-centricity challenges.

So, how can the fractured supply chain from Original Equipment Manufacturers through to individual dealerships keep track of their performance in this ever-changing landscape? 

The answer lies with mystery shopping, a measurement tool already widely used across other sectors such as leisure and retail, and is now realising its huge potential in the automotive industry.
Mystery shopping programmes can consist of after-sales customer process fulfilment, transactional price studies and even 'phantom testing'. Performed correctly, it is the perfect mechanism to ensure the delivery of better customer experiences that live up to the brand promise.

However, to achieve this and run a programme that does more than just pay lip service to the multinational manufacturers' brands, there is a need to understand the needs of both the customers and the numerous stakeholders within these very complex organisations. If a research or managerial tool is to be successful, it must reflect the company’s needs. It must also be understood and accepted by the entire company – from frontline staff to the boardroom.

Download this whitepaper to discover how Ipsos designs mystery shopping programmes that enhance value, improve quality and increase return on investment for some of the most successful automotive organisations in the world.

The author(s)
  • Jakub Hankovský Ipsos Loyalty, Czech Republic

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