Ipsos @ Cannes Lions 2023

Ipsos | Cannes Lions 2023

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For this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Ipsos is bringing a total understanding of people, citizens and consumers, with a presence across different stages and forums. From 19th – 23rd June, we will reveal the latest trends, insights and creative breakthroughs that are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s landscape.

Understanding people, citizens, societies and how to ignite successful businesses, brands and communications is in our DNA.

Join Ipsos at Cannes Lions and discover the three keys to unlock brand success: shaping Expectations, understanding Context and acting with Empathy.

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Ipsos |  Citizen cannes

Hosted by Ipsos' CEO, Ben Page and Katrina Dodd, Contagious' editor, the event will bring together brands and creative experts to explore how deep consumer insights helps shape effective, best-in-class marketing strategies and campaigns.



21st June | 5pm

Villa Contagious



Ipsos | Cannes lions

The following events are part of the Cannes Lions 2023. A valid pass will be required to access the Palais des Festivals where the conferences will take place.


20th June - 1:30PM | Blending virtual and mortar brand experiences

With Brittany Bell (Deeplocal) and Helen Wilson (Ipsos)

21st June - 1:30PM | Bridging the society divide

With Gilson Rodrigues (G10 Favellas) and Lindsay Franke (Ipsos)

22nd  June - 1:30PM | Theme and speakers to be announced

22nd  June - 4:30PM | How to surf the polycrisis

Roundtable hosted by Ipsos CEO Ben Page

With Josy Paul (BBDO) and Lindsay Franke (Ipsos)

The world isn’t in crisis. The world is in crises: an economic crisis, growing geopolitical tensions, climate change. The only thing that seems certain is uncertainty. This polycrisis context must be recognised by brand builders to be able to address shifting citizens and consumers needs.

Ipsos research evidenced that three key factors have become more important for brands to surf the polycrisis wave: starting with empathy, shaping expectations, taking the macro and micro contexts into account to drive creative, brand and global success.

Ben Page and Lindsay Franke are joined by Josy Paul from BBDO, to discuss about Ariel and Whisper campaigns and other recent best-in-class examples, demonstrating how empathy, context and expectations are essential to effective creativity.

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Ipsos | Female Quotient

As a longstanding partner of the Female Quotient, Ipsos is proud to participate and host a range of panel discussions on creativity, and ESG themes @ the Equality Lounge, Martinez stage.

Please RSVP here to access the lounge.


19th June - 10AM | Did corporate activism jump the shark?

With Eleanor Thornton-Firkin, Head, Creative Excellence, Ipsos UK

21st June - 11:30AM | Check your bias: How AI is forcing us to face ourselves

With Natalie Lacey, Executive Vice President, Media Development Service Line

21st June - 4PM | Conscious parenting: Do men have to become ‘Girl Dads’ to care about equality?

With Nicholas Mercurio, Chief Client Officer, Ipsos North America

22nd  June – 11:30AM | What next for the S in ESG

With Lindsay Franke, President, Ipsos North America


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Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Ben Page

Ben Page
CEO Ipsos

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Lindsay Franke

Lindsay Franke
President USA

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Natalie Lacey

Natalie Lacey 
Executive VP USA 

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson
Global Chief Experience Officer

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Emmanuel Probst

Emmanuel Probst
Global Lead: Brand Thought-Leadership

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Adam Sheridan

Adam Sheridan
Global Head of Products & Analytics

Ipsos | Cannes Lions |Shaun Dix

Shaun Dix
Global Service Line Leader Creative Excellence

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Arnaud Debia

Arnaud Debia
Global Creative Development Director

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Benoit Tranzer

Benoit Tranzer
Global Service Line leader
Brand Health Tracking

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Nicholas Mercurio

Nicholas Mercurio
Chief Client Officer USA

Ipsos | Cannes Lions | Lorenzo Larini

Lorenzo Larini 
CEO Ipsos North America

Ipsos | Cannes Lions |  Eleanor Thornton-Firkin

Eleanor Thornton-Firkin
Head Creative Excellence, Ipsos UK 

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