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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Radio Audience Measurement

Audience measurement measures how many people are in an audience within a given market. Radio Audience measurement specifically relates to radio listenership.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Product Development

Product Development is the innovation or continuous improvement of an existing product or the creation of an entirely new kind of product that satisfies the requirements of consumers.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - UX Research

The most common definition of UX is the aggregation of user experience. It is also known as user research or usability.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Digital Advertising

Digital advertising often refers to video, display and paid search advertising delivered on desktop and mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Brand

Brands exist in peoples' minds as a network (a unique memory structure) of thoughts, feelings, experiences, images, stories, colours, sounds, symbols and memories.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Market Access

Market Access, also known as Global Evidence, Value and Access, is the process used to ensure that all patients who are eligible to benefit from a specific treatment get access to it, at the appropriate price.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Ethnography

Ethnography is a qualitative research method derived from the fieldwork practices of anthropology. It is often characterised by its emphasis on spending extended periods of time with people or groups of people to generate/create a holistic picture of cultural practices.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

EFM stands for Enterprise Feedback Management. Leaders are constantly seeking new ways to drive customer-centricity throughout their organisations.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Herd Behaviour

Herd behaviour refers to the behaviour of individuals within the group.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Device Agnostic Surveys

A device agnostic survey is a research questionnaire which has been designed from the first question to the last working within the constraints of mobile screen sizes and their lack of support for FLASH programming. A device agnostic survey will allow respondents to access and complete the…