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Ipsos Encyclopedia - Face to Face Interview

Face-to-face data collection is often abbreviated to F2F.  The interviewing methodology by which interviewers interview respondents, or sometime recruit participants, in-person, with a computer (CAPI).

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Tracking Study

Tracking is the generic term for studies that provide measurement over time to update knowledge of brand and competitor performances.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Habit

In the COM-B framework, habits fall under 'Motivation' as an automatic processes.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Nonconscious

​Mental functioning and processing that occurs outside of a person's conscious awareness.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Feelings

Feelings is the conscious or subjective experience of emotion, its "mental and private experience". Psychology makes distinctions between affective reactions: Emotion, feelings and mood.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Luxury

The broad definition of Luxury when applied to a good is "an inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain" (Oxford Dictionary). Our narrower definition applies to the products or services of specific industries.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Automotive

The traditional key players in the Automotive industry are Vehicle Manufacturers, Automotive Parts Suppliers, Automotive Finance and Leasing Institutes, Automotive Dealerships for car sales plus automotive independent workshops for services & after sales, Insurance companies as vehicles must be…

Ipsos Encyclopedia - COM-B

COM-B is a 'behaviour system' involving three essential conditions: capability, opportunity, and motivation.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Affluent

An affluent individual is, first and foremost, defined by above-average financial resources.

Ipsos Encyclopedia - Affect

Affect is the general term used in psychology (and in consumer behaviour research) to describe an internal feeling state. In plain language people usually refer to affect as emotion.