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This series examines how our partners across various different sectors are addressing the environmental, social, and governance challenges of the 2020s, what they’re doing to ensure that their businesses remain sustainable, and how they’re helping the world to successfully adapt. Each episode features a different specialist from with our business in conversation with a client, partner, or external expert to unpick a specific issue within or about ESG.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 13: ESG across borders

This episode features Radhecka Roy (Global Service Leader: Strategic Curation) in conversation with Parijat Chakraborty (Group Leader Public Affairs, India) and Sally Braidwood (Corporate Reputation Service Line Leader, Australia) about the importance of culture in understanding people's priorities, attitudes and behaviours, particularly where these concern our relationship with nature, our personal agency, and what we find rewarding.

The conversation is a deeper dive into the topics previously raised in our paper ESG Across Borders.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 12: The Ipsos ESG Council Report 2023

Launched this year, the Ipsos ESG Council brings together senior level executives - all of whom have responsibility for sustainability and the development of ESG best practice - from some of the most respected corporations in the world.

Our guest on this episode is James Allen, Associate Director in Ipsos Corporate Reputation, who helps us to unpack some of the key insights from this new and unique study.

Discover the full report here.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 11: A closer look at Ipsos' ESG journey

So you've heard from some of our clients and partners - but what about us? How are we transforming our own operations, and what are we doing to make ourselves a stronger force in the global ESG agenda?

Let's hear from Lauren Demar, our Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head of ESG at Ipsos, to find out about her achievements to date, her vision for the future, and what she thinks about the power of good research to drive positive change... 

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 10: Embedding ESG in experience

We talk to Holly Weaver and Jean-Francois Damais about their recent white paper “Embedding ESG In Experience”, which focusses on the key role Customer Experience plays in driving business value from ESG commitments.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity Podcast | Ipsos Equalities Index

Our new 33-country study of attitudes towards equality asked what it means to people, who are we most worried about, and how much do we care about it? This episode features experts from Canada, Ireland, Poland, and South Africa looking at the findings from those countries, and we also speak to the author of Multiracism - a unique examination of this particular prejudice in a truly global context.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 8: Exploring sustainability and employee experience with Ipsos Karian & Box

We talk to Rebecca Crosby and James Tarbit from Ipsos Karian & Box, our leading employee engagement agency. Rebecca is the lead author of a new white paper that examines the importance of ESG to how employees and potential employees view organisations, and we find out what makes employees satisfied with their organisation's efforts around sustainability, how great ESG credentials impact pride and advocacy, how important sustainability is in attracting new talent, and the best ways to communicate with employees about sustainability.

Read the white paper here

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 7: Earth Day 2023 with CAST

This episode features experts from Thailand, Brazil, Australia, and Singapore reflecting on the findings from our latest annual Earth Day survey, which examines public attitudes around the world to the threat posed by climate change, and considers whether our focus on the issue is slipping as other concerns compete for our attention.

We also welcome Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh and Dr. Katherine Steentjes of CAST (the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations) as they address global climate justice and fairness.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 6: Making magnificent inclusive advertising with Creative Brief

In the latest instalment of our monthly series on the ESG challenges characterising the 2020s, Nicola Kemp (Editorial Director for Creative Brief) speaks to Ipsos' Samira Brophy (Senior Director, Creative Excellence) about how to make advertising more inclusive and more compelling as cultural and social attitudes change.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 5: Collecting accurate gender data across cultures with Ipsos Total Operations

February's edition of "People, Planet, Prosperity" features Leah McTiernan in conversation with Trixie Cartwright (Global Lead for Diversity & Inclusion at Ipsos Total Operations), who is the co-author of a groundbreaking new paper in the International Journal of Market Research called "A Question of Gender: Gender classification in international research". 

In this short episode, Leah and Trixie discuss the key considerations for researchers who need to collect accurate data about respondents' gender across cultures that have very different views on the issue.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 4: How Tetra Pak leads the way for a more sustainable packaging

The first episode of 2023 features Francesca Francione, Business Insights and Analytics Manager at Tetra Pak, in conversation with Samira Rhoods, Senior Consultant, Trends & Foresight Practice at Ipsos).

Francesca tells Samira about some of the things a world-leading food processing and packaging solutions company is doing to make their business more sustainable, from supply chains, through internal operations, to satisfying customers' intensifying demand for sustainable produce and packaging.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 3: How businesses, governments and non-profit can team-up to drive change?

The third episode of the series features Dr Pippa Bailey (Head of Ipsos Climate Change & Sustainability Practice) in discussion with John O'Brien MBE (Founder of Anthropy) as he discusses his vision for inspiring change by bringing together senior leaders from all different sectors of business, government, and non-profit.

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episoe2: How Volvo put sustainability at the heart of their business

The second episode of the series features Samira Brophy (Senior Director in Creative Excellence) in discussion with Stuart Templar MBE (Director of Global Sustainability) and Thomas Nagy (Consumer Insights Lead), both representing our partners at Volvo Cars. Stuart and Thomas tell us why Volvo are prioritising Sustainability, and how they are making it a key priority that runs through every part of their business.

Although Volvo want to be a fully electric car company by 2030, that's just one part of the story...

Ipsos | People Planet Prosperity | Podcast | ESG | Episode 1: How Mattel's Barbie doll can help shape the future

In the first of our new series where we interview other brands and businesses on all things sustainability, Dr Pippa Bailey (Head of Ipsos Climate Change & Sustainability Practice) interviews Elizabeth Eaves (Senior Sustainability Engineer for EMEA at Mattel), and hears about the strides Mattel are making on both environmental and social fronts within their business.

We also learn about how the superpowers of Barbie, the World’s best selling doll, are being used to educate a future generation on everything to do with the environment and topics related to diversity and inclusion. 

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