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Global Science Organisation

Global Science Organisation

Empowering state-of-the-art science at Ipsos.

Our clients need transformative insights. They also need clarity on complex issues they face, on the true differences between the services they get, and on the true relevance of the data they use. Ipsos supports them with innovative solutions grounded in the latest science, and with a solid scientific point of view relying on an academic foundation and a lab for empirical validation. By establishing the Global Science Organization, Ipsos is working with leading academics and university programs to infuse true knowledge and breakthrough science, at scale and across all Ipsos services.

The Global Science Organization (GSO) is covering all relevant science disciplines underlying the phenomenon we study for our clients, with a particular focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Science, and Neuroscience. The GSO is following a unique dual process within Ipsos: first, it is meant to identify and frame the latest scientific developments independently from the Service Lines working on solutions and raise to them a forward-looking perspective on the offering; and secondly, it is meant to validate the scientific principles and rigor underlying the solutions we execute globally.

Partnerships with leading academic institutions and seasoned academics working for Ipsos frame the theoretical foundations of our scientific developments. These are then empirically validated with real use-cases before being integrated in Ipsos solutions. Our scientists support all Ipsos Service Lines to ensure scientifically rigorous and consistent execution.

This unique combination of academic based knowledge building, empirical validation, and scientific support allows Ipsos to deliver scalable and scientifically anchored solutions across the globe.