Results from the 2019 EIB survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS)

The European Investment Bank commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out the fourth round of its annual Survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS).

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  • Allan Simpson Public Affairs
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EIBIS is an annual EU-wide survey that gathers information on investment activities among small and medium-sized businesses and larger corporates. Specifically, EIBIS collects data on firm characteristics and performance, past investment activities and future plans, sources of finance, financing issues and other challenges that businesses face.

Ipsos supported the development and implementation of the survey across all EU member states and, for the first time, in the United States of America. Data was collected from a representative sample of around 13,500 businesses.

Findings from EIBIS have been published in a series of individual country reports, an EU28 report, and in an interactive online visualisation tool

As reported in the EU28 report, across the EU, the survey found the following:

  • A decade after the 2008 financial crash, aggregate investment has surpassed its pre-crisis level and has continued to grow across the last financial year
  • Despite this, corporate investment shows signs of slowing down
  • The EU is lagging behind the US in terms of the share of firms innovating or implementing digital technologies
  • Lack of staff with the right skills and economic uncertainty are reportedly limiting long-term investment
  • Investments intended to improve energy efficiency accounted for about 10 per cent of investment activity across the EU
  • EU firms fund most of their investment through internal finance
  • One in five firms across the EU report being ‘highly profitable’.

The author(s)

  • Allan Simpson Public Affairs

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