Frequently Asked Questions

While there are no strict rules on how to prepare to the interview or to write the CV, we would like to give you some advice which can help you to succeed.

FAQs | Interview tips | CV tips

1. How can I apply for a job in Ipsos?

To make a general application to Ipsos, you can send your CV to [email protected] web address. All applications are kept in our candidate database standing to the privacy policy. You can apply by following open positions from Vacancies section in our web site and career web sites.

2. Will my application be treated as confidential?

We treat all applications as confidential.

3. I’ve sent my CV, when do you get back?

We will get back to you within two weeks.

4. I want to be an intern in Ipsos, what should I do?

In our company, for students of the 3-5th year we provide internship opportunity in summer and in winter. The students who participate in the internship program find the opportunity to observe and practice the work flow in the department they are assigned. To apply for internship you can send your CV to [email protected] web address. The applications are evaluated mostly in May-June for summer term, in September-October for winter term.

5. I didn’t find any positions that match my qualifications or interest me, should I still submit my CV anyway?

If you are interested in joining Ipsos, then please send us your CV to [email protected] web address. We will contact you as soon as appropriate positions appear.

6. Can you do early or late interviews?

Where possible, we are happy to arrange interviews for before or after work hours.

Interview tips

  1. Don’t be late
    Have a look at the map beforehand, estimate time you need to get to the office
  2. Be prepared for the interview
    Check Ipsos website, learn about industries, specializations, units, prepare questions about company
  3. Listen to interviewer and ask questions
    If you don’t understand a question, ask to repeat
  4. Think before speaking
    Take some time to formulate your idea/answer, before answering the questions from the interviewer
  5. Concentrate on achievements
    While describing your background concentrate on your achievements, not on day-to-day work
  6. Show motivation
    We assume that if you find some time to come to our office, you are interested in a position with us, just show it

CV tips

  1. Your CV should not be more than 1-2 pages
  2. Check all grammar before sending the CV
  3. Put all places of work in chronological order
    The last – in the beginning, the fist – in the end
  4. If you work as a freelancer write about your projects
  5. Identify your main achievements at each position, you occupied
  6. Remember that CV is your “face”, it should be structured and answer major questions on your background we may have
  7. Explain your abbreviations if they are used only at your previous companies
  8. Don’t forget to indicate your contact details both email address and mobile number
  9. Include to the CV all the additional information which can help us to choose exactly your CV among others