Evolving Aspirations: Navigating status

In volume 4 of the Ipsos and Effie Dynamic Effectiveness series, we explore what it means to be successful in the UK today and how marketers can tap into the aspirations of Brits.

The author(s)
  • Samira Brophy Senior Director, Creative Excellence
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In Signs of Success we deep dived into what it means to be successful in the UK today. Things have moved on since the 80’s when most studies centred around physical status symbols like microwaves and video recorders. Decades of prosperity later, the mass attainment of material goods are less salient. Aspiration in today’s world entail not only acquiring enough wealth to live a secure and stable existence, but also the freedom to enjoy it.

But, what does this shift in how we perceive success mean for marketers and how they communicate? Here we explore how brands whisper loud enough to reach their target consumer in a world of quiet luxury, how you consider both your current and future consumers, and how to balance the deep held values on what is aspirational with values specific to the social media world. Featuring Effie awarding winning case studies from: TUI and Leo Burnett UK, Vodaphone and Ogilvy UK, DFS and Pablo.

Key takeaways

  • What we find aspirational today is quality over flaunted wealth, seeing ourselves as the keepers / drivers of our success and a belief that enrichment includes enjoyable experiences.
  • We have moved from a view that affluence is associated with perfection, heritage, and hierarchy to a new articulation of affluence defined by action and authenticity.
  • TUI and Leo Burnett UK increased emotional connection by 13%, driving passenger volumes up by 30%, by focusing on experiences as a means of enrichment
    and self-actualisation.
  • Vodafone and Oglivy UK challenged perceptions, setting an aspirational goal increasing non-user consideration by 30%.
  • DFS and Pablo created £57 million in additional revenue, and increased campaign profit with an ROI of £3.24 by embracing individual autonomy which we aspire to.

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Table of contents

  1. Dynamic Effectiveness: Ipsos & Effie UK
  2. A Woman's Worth: How better portrayal is good for business
  3. The Empathy Gap and How to Bridge It
  4. Why Nostalgia Is So 'Fetch' Right Now
  5. Evolving Aspirations: Navigating status
The author(s)
  • Samira Brophy Senior Director, Creative Excellence

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