Public Affairs International Women's Day Project Showcase

Public Affairs mark International Women's Day with 6 interviews on 6 key projects that have a gender element.

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  • Sophie Wilson Public Affairs
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To mark International Women's Day, we interviewed 6 female researchers from across Public Affairs. 

They are asked to summarise a project, outline how it relates to International Women's Day and suggest a topic they would like to research further. 

Active Lives Survey

Claire Bhaumik, Associate Director, speaks about the work Ipsos have done on Sport England's Active Lives Survey. 

Click here to learn more about the Active Lives Survey.

British Council SAGE Programme

Zara Johnson-Ireland, Research Executive, takes us through Ipsos' work on the British Council's SAGE Programme. 

To learn more about the work the Evaluation team are doing, click here. 

International Climate Finance

Laura Hayward, Evaluation Director, explains how the current  International Climate Finance project Ipsos are working on, links to International Women Day.

To learn more about our Energy and Environment work, click here.  

Killed Women Survey

Haley Jones, Research Manager, discusses Ipsos' involvement in the Killed Women Survey, which was used in the report, You Were Told: A voice for killed women. 

To access the full report, click here. 

CQC Maternity Survey

Anita Jeffreson, Research Executive, takes you through the CQC Maternity Survey. 

Click here to read Anita's blog on the findings. 


Laura King, Research Executive, explains how Ipsos' polling shows how opinions differ between men and women. 

For our Issues Index, click here. 

The author(s)
  • Sophie Wilson Public Affairs

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