[WEBINAR] Research During Times of Crisis

The need for relevant insights intensifies during times of uncertainty, such as the current coronavirus crisis. Clients who have been conducting in-person or telephone research may be wondering if high-quality probabilistic research is even feasible right now. Join Ipsos experts for a timely presentation on how it remains feasible to conduct reliable research, with a particular emphasis on our KnowledgePanel®, the largest online probability sample panel in the U.S. 

This complimentary webinar will include:

  • Highlights of American’s perceptions of the coronavirus crisis based on current nationally-representative research on the probability-based  KnowledgePanel
  • Real-world learnings from conducting research during previous crises, from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina to COVID-19 
  • Case studies of how clients have transitioned in-person and telephone research to the online KnowledgePanel while maintaining the highest standards

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Please submit any questions in advance to KnowledgePanelInfo@ipsos.com.

Speakers :

  • Annie Weber, Senior Vice President, Ipsos US Public Affairs, LLC.

  • Michael Lawrence, Senior Vice President, Ipsos US Public Affairs, LLC.

  • Christopher Fleury, Senior Vice President, Ipsos Insight, US

  • Frances Barlas, Vice President, Ipsos Public Affairs, LLC.