Meet the Affluencers - The Affluent influencers who drive categories forward

A deeper dive into Affluencers’ lives can provide insights that lead to effective messaging, compelling products and user experiences, partnerships that add value, and efficient media.

The author(s)

  • Michael Baer SVP, Head of Audience Measurement, US
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Brands, agencies and media companies all know the power of influencer marketing. Recommendations and reviews drive today’s categories—and the influencers who provide them are businesses’ most important audience.

For over forty years, Ipsos Affluent Intelligence has been the preeminent authority on affluent consumers, and our ongoing survey gives us an unparalleled view into their attitudes, preferences and behaviors. It’s allowed us to identify a powerful segment of affluent influencers that we call “Affluencers.”

  • Affluencers spend 3.6X more across all categories.
  • They’re early adopters of new products and technologies.
  • They influence the purchasing and shopping behavior of the people in their network.

Affluencers are the explorers who blaze new paths—and the influencers who lead the rest of us forward. Simply put, what Affluencers are doing now is what everyone else will be doing next!

Download our latest white paper featuring detailed data and infographics sourced from our study demonstrating the power of this important audience.

Ipsos Affluent Intelligence - Meet the Affluencers

The author(s)

  • Michael Baer SVP, Head of Audience Measurement, US

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