Shelter in Place: How companies can ease customers’ housing anxiety

Americans’ worries about missed rent or mortgage payments are an opportunity for companies to step in and build trust.

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  • Tommy Hemmer Senior Community Manager, Ipsos SMX
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One year after COVID-19 descended upon the U.S., many Americans still struggle with questions such as “will my finances get me through this?” and “will I be able to pay my rent or mortgage?”

Nearly 44% of Americans reported negative feelings towards their personal finances in light of COVID-19, according to a recent Ipsos U.S. syndicated community study. Additionally, 1 in 6 (17%) have missed a rent /mortgage payment themselves and/or know someone else who has.

Download our paper featuring verbatims from our social community members highlighting the economic stress Americans feel about housing, the govern­ment’s response and opportunities for brands to relieve the situation.

I wish every business would work with charities to build/refurbish homes for low income families.” – IPSOS COMMUNITY MEMBER

“Some wealthy companies such as Google and Facebook could fund and build affordable housing as part of their charitable contributions.” – IPSOS COMMUNITY MEMBER


The author(s)

  • Tommy Hemmer Senior Community Manager, Ipsos SMX

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