Ipsos Update - February 2020

Welcome to February’s edition of Ipsos Update – our round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world. This month includes a look at gender, shopper trends, entertainment in India, and young people’s perspectives on education and war.

Predictions for 2020

Despite some negative predictions for the year ahead, such as 77% expecting global temperatures to rise and 56% expecting large-scale unrest in their countries, three-quarters of people worldwide think that 2020 will a better year than the last – on a personal level, at least. Read more.

Global Attitudes towards Gender

Will the future be more or less “gendered”? A new Ipsos survey finds out how much people associate certain characteristics, tasks and professions with a particular gender and how these attitudes vary across 29 countries. Read more.

Climate Change and Behaviour Change

Our global survey finds seven in 10 consumers worldwide saying they have changed their behaviour due to concern about climate change. These actions include reducing the amount of water they use, recycling more, and reducing their energy usage. Read more.

The Evolution of Shopper Behaviour

Our updated paper takes a fresh look at the five main shopper trends today, with recent examples of how new eCommerce models and omnichannel retailing strategies are making purchases more intuitive and seamless. Read more.

Entertainment in India

We track how online streaming services are changing the traditional models of content consumption in India, looking at social data to find out what is popular and why and how this compares to offline entertainment. Read more.

Social Mobility

Our global survey on social mobility tackles the question of whether young people will enjoy a better life than their parents. Views vary across geographies and we find that more advanced economies are less optimistic on future financial wellbeing. Read more.

Global Education Barometer

In our 20-country survey, young people evaluate how well their education has prepared them for the future and identify areas for improvement – including diversity of experiences, new technologies, and equality of opportunity. Read more.

Millennials on War

Our report with the International Committee of the Red Cross explores the views of millennials in 16 countries on wars and armed conflict and their expectations for a more peaceful future. Read more.

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