New American Dynasties: Inside the World of Affluent Asian Americans

Revisit our recorded webinar exploring the similarities and differences among Affluent Asian Americans and how marketers can best connect with them.

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  • Stephen Wu Director, US, Audience Measurement
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There’s a rich tapestry of Asian American culture in the U.S., encompassing many different languages, cultures, and traditions. While we often look at Affluent Asian Americans as a monolith, understanding the nuanced differences between sub-groups of the population can help bring marketers closer to one of the wealthiest segments of the Affluent population. Affluent Asian Americans, who make up over 9% of the total Affluent population, have a median household income of $213,909 – 13% higher than the rest of the Affluent cohort. Interestingly, despite their higher income, those households spend less on average than other Affluent households. Still, as a group they are spending in excess of $215 billion annually. What can marketers do to activate spending and increase their share of this market?

Revisit our recorded webinar to hear insights about the similarities and differences among the Affluent Asian American population and how marketers can best connect with them. We share findings from our recent research on the unique lives and interests of this important group of consumers, as well as discuss:

  • Generational differences in where they were born or their ethnic heritage
  • Diversity within the Affluent Asian American community
  • Attitudinal differences between groups
  • Which product categories appeal most to them
  • Media brands that Affluent Asian Americans use frequently
  • The rising impact of increased anti-Asian hate crimes targeting members of the community

The Ipsos Affluent Survey has been tracking the financial power of Affluents, along with their media and consumer behavior, for more than 45 years. As a result, we are able to offer an unparalleled understanding of how Affluent Americans think and act – insights critical for all marketers hoping to increase share of wallet among these desired consumers.

The author(s)
  • Stephen Wu Director, US, Audience Measurement

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