Ipsos Update – June 2021

Global population dynamics, empathy in healthcare, the pandemic experience in Africa and a focus on Italy are all featured in this month’s round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos teams around the world.

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  • Natalie Pearson Ipsos Knowledge Centre, UK
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The featured content in June’s edition of Ipsos Update includes:

Emptier Planet: Are we ready for the shock of the global population decline? Many are surprised to hear that we are not heading towards more overpopulation; on the contrary, we are facing a population bust. And this process it is already underway across the world. We consider what these shifting population dynamics mean for society and business.

An African Perspective: The initial slow spread of Covid-19 through Africa helped some countries to start preparing for the inevitable, but – a year into the pandemic – many Africans report a devastating effect on their lives and livelihoods. We present findings from our ongoing work on the impact of Covid-19 on the continent.

The Patient Voice: Empathy between patients and doctors is key to positive health outcomes, but this relationship is increasingly strained in the changing healthcare environment. We explore how social analytics can help to better understand the emotional side of the patient experience and ultimately bridge the empathy gap.

Setting the Right Targets: Key performance indicators are a powerful tool for driving business success – not least in customer experience. But the KPIs you choose need to be right and make sense both to the boardroom and frontline staff. This means linking them to desired outcomes and reflecting customer needs.

George Floyd – One year on: May 25th marked the one-year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matters protests across the world. Our studies in the US and UK reflect on what this has meant for racial justice.

Spotlight on Italy: The 2021 edition of Italy Flair highlights some of the key dynamics shaping society and consumer trends in Italy today while our Italian team’s ongoing monitor of the Coronavirus crisis shows an increasingly positive outlook.

The Future of Entertainment: Our screen time has increased over the past year as media has become increasingly pervasive in our lives. Will this dependence continue? The latest in the What the Future series from our US team considers our viewing habits, content marketing, opportunities for virtual and more.>

What Worries the World?: Our 28-country survey finds 42% saying Covid-19 is among the biggest issues facing their country – more than for any other issue. But this figure is down 29 points vs. this time last year, and concern has dropped in many places compared to last month. Two-thirds across all countries on average say things in their country are “on the wrong track”. Meanwhile, countries with successful vaccination programmes show the highest levels of economic optimism.

Also find short features on driving safety in Europe, our research during the pandemic and the latest on vaccination intent.


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The author(s)
  • Natalie Pearson Ipsos Knowledge Centre, UK