[WEBINAR] The Connection Between Big Data & Behavioural Economics

Join Ipsos’ Colin Ho to learn more about The Connection Between Big Data & Behavioural Economics.

During this webinar, Colin will show how online reviews analysed and viewed through the lens of behavioral economics can provide insights into consumers’ perceptions and emotions. 

We web scraped and analysed 7,000 online automotive reviews across six countries. We found that

  1. negative events have a greater impact than positive events on consumers’ brand evaluations,
  2. the emotions experienced by consumers differ by car models.

Discover that by analysing big data through the lens of behavioral economics, marketers can better understand how to market and manage their brands.

Download the presentation The Connection Between Big Data and Behavioural Economics

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Speakers :

  • Colin Ho, Ipsos Marketing, US.
    His role is focused on providing support on research methodologies and data analytics. As a Social Psychologist, Colin also provides support to Ipsos in Behavioural Economics.
    He first presented text analysis at the Advance Research Technique Forum in 2012. His recent papers include “Using Text Analytics to Bring Us Closer to Reality”, “Behavioral Economics and our Brain’s Negative Predisposition Toward the Negative” and “Brand Equity, Behavioral Economics and Surveys”.

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