[WEBINAR] Stop scraping, Start digging!

Inlfuence the mindAre you paying active attention to your surroundings when doing your groceries? No? Neither does your consumer...

Digital transformation is leading to radically different consumer behaviour. As a result of this transformation, brands apply technology to interact differently with their consumers. These interactions lead to changing consumer expectations, which in return impacts how consumers make choices. All these elements make it harder to predict and simulate how people choose brands and products.

Your consumers make choices not only via processing information, but also by using a wide range of cognitive factors such as emotions and reactions to environmental cues. Your brand needs to create a strong and positive network of associations in your consumers’ minds.

Instead of just finding what drives the consumer on the surface, it is important to uncover and measure the behavioural dynamics below the surface. What drives their autopilot and what activates their intuition? During this webinar you will learn:

  • How consumers make (intuitive) choices in today's world.
  • How to influence the consumers’ minds.
  • How behavioural science can help to understand consumer behaviour when choosing brands and new products.
  • How to capture real consumer behaviour.

Register below for one of the sessions

Session 1  21 November 2019 09.30h* Register here
Session 2 21 November 2019 16.00h* Register here

Speakers :

  • Cristiana Caldarelli, Associate Research Director, Innovation, Netherlands

  • Patricia Verhoelst, Associate Research Director, Market Strategy and Understanding, Netherlands

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