2018 international traders and investors study

Results of the latest Ipsos MORI business survey for Department of International Trade have been published. The survey measures attitudes and behaviours towards the UK, identifying key enablers and barriers to business, as well as exposure and response to two international business to business (B2B) GREAT Britain campaigns.

The author(s)

  • Patricia Pinakova Ipsos Public Affairs, UK
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Intentions to trade and/or invest in the UK – as with other countries - are strongly associated with awareness of opportunities, which in turn are associated with recognition of the GREAT campaign (amongst other factors).

Around one in five (18 per cent) businesses planned to trade and/or invest with the UK within the next three years.

Those who stated a higher likelihood to trade with the UK were also more likely to note a stronger likelihood to trade with other international markets (such as Germany or the USA), underlining the potential opportunities available and the importance of establishing competitive advantage wherever possible.

High quality products and services (cited as very important by 78 per cent of respondents) and competitive pricing (76 per cent) were cited as key factors when deciding where to trade.

Potential to make high returns (cited as very important by 70 per cent of respondents), a high-quality infrastructure (61 per cent) and an open and welcoming environment (60 per cent) were cited as key factors when deciding where to invest.

Technical note

  • Ipsos MORI interviewed 2005 international business across eight priority markets: France, Germany, United States of America (USA), Japan, China, Hong Kong (HK), India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) between 2 May and 9 August 2018.
  • Interviews were conducted over the phone with senior decision makers who were best qualified to talk about their organisation’s international purchasing/investing decisions and plans. All participating businesses were either already trading or investing internationally, or were considering doing so.
  • Data are weighted using profile of international traders and investors within each market.
  • Results are based upon all completed interviews unless otherwise stated. Answers with a base size lower than 100 should be treated with caution. Where figures do not add up to 100%, this is the result of computer rounding or multiple responses.
  • An asterisk indicates a score less than 0.5%, but greater than zero.

The author(s)

  • Patricia Pinakova Ipsos Public Affairs, UK

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