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Ipsos Green Economy leverages cross-sector expertise in sustainability, environment and climate change research to inform decision-making at the forefront of the green economy.

Ipsos Green Economy - Sustainability and Climate Change Research | Ipsos MORI

Public concern over the environment is at 30-year-high, and has nearly doubled over the last decade. 4 in 5 people across the globe agree we are headed for disaster if we don’t act fast and nearly 7 in 10 agree that if their government does not act now to combat climate change, it will be failing them. Ipsos Green Economy works across sectors and industries to inform decision-making towards a greener economy. The issue is not when but how business, government and society need to adapt.

Why partner with Ipsos to understand your business challenge?

We bring an unparalleled understanding of sustainability attitudes, behaviours and trends amongst Consumers & Citizens, and businesses.

What are citizens' perspectives?

For over 10 years we have been the leading provider of research (UK and globally) into how citizens feel about climate change and what action they are willing to take, as well as the action they expect both governments and brands to implement. Our Sustainable Development Research Centre works with clients from public and private sphere to help them shape the sustainability agenda.

What is the impact on consumer behaviour?

We know that the FMCG industry has specific challenges when it comes to sustainability, with food and packaging being a large part of this. With this in mind, Ipsos created its ‘What The Future’ publication series, looking at the big trends in the largest consumer spending categories.

How do we help clients manage corporate reputation?

Ipsos has a wealth of experience in corporate reputation and the many pitfalls to navigate when it comes to sustainability and the environment. With initiatives such as our Reputation Council, we have looked at both what brands can do to bolster their sustainable credentials as well as the impact that a bad environmental and ethical image can have on a brand.

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For more information about Ipsos’s Green Economy team and our capabilities, please contact Jessica Long. You can also connect with Jessica on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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