Mixed Mode Surveys: Enhancing quality using online and face-to-face

This paper explores a variety of approaches where offline and online interviewing can work together to maximise response and minimise survey error.

The world is changing. There is a digital revolution in all areas of our lives. We shop online, bank online, and increasingly access public services (car tax, passports, driving licences) online. There is also a data revolution with vast amounts of information collected about us all the time. Data is valuable, it is the new “oil”, and this applies to the world of market research too.

For those studies where it is deemed to be impractical to simply replace face-to-face interviewing with any other single methodology how can we best support face-to-face interviewing to maintain quality and counteract falling levels of response? We believe that one option is to carefully consider whether a mixed mode data collection approach would offer a better overall outcome. In our latest whitepaper, we explore push to web methodologies and how these can be embraced to maintain high quality and comprehensive results to supplement face-to-face surveys.

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