Passive Perceptions

The TouchPoints Survey combines passive and survey data to ensure that a high level of granularity and detail is achieved at no extra burden to the participants.

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  • Judith Kennedy Audience Measurement
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The IPA’s TouchPoints Daily Life survey has incorporated passive measurement of both smartphones and tablets in all three annual surveys since 2015, and illustrates well how passive data can complement survey data to give a rich picture of online use in the context of other media consumption, daily activities, location, and mood.

Focusing on the usage of smartphones and tablets, Passive Perceptions uncovers how passive measurement works and what the key benefits are to the technique.

Key Findings:

  • People spend an average of 104 minutes a day using apps and websites via smartphone, compared to 61 minutes via tablet,
  • App usage is nearly twice as high on smartphones than tablets,
  • Smartphones tend to have more apps than tablets,
  • 60% of time online is spent across social, games, email, and media,
  • Instagram continues to grow, despite the plateau of other social media sites,
  • Bespoke surveys which combine passive with additional data achieve better results.
The author(s)
  • Judith Kennedy Audience Measurement

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