Advisory Services

As marketing and strategy are increasingly challenged to become more consumer-centric, Ipsos' Advisory Services combines the rigor of management consulting with the rich consumer understanding of market research, all complemented with the actionability of a marketing agency.

Advisory Services

What is it for?

In a world where the customer is increasingly defining a company's strategy, the intersection of strategy, insights and marketing is where competitive advantage is found. Whether a company is looking for growth in its existing markets, trying to win back share from new competitors, or hoping to transform its category completely, Ipsos' Advisory Services can develop a tailored approach to solve its business challenge. Specifically, we focus on four main areas:

  • Customer: understanding how customers act, think and make decisions, through techniques such as segmentation, journey mapping and portfolio optimization.
  • Brand: leveraging a company's brand to become its most valuable asset, built through examination of brand positioning, brand stretch and brand architecture.
  • Market: developing a clear understanding of the market and its evolution to inform strategy, via market sizing, competitive benchmarking and trend analysis.
  • Future: informing growth and innovation strategy by looking ahead, through future-casting, innovation strategy and front end innovation work.

Certainly, this is not our complete offering, as often, the right answer is a combination of different approaches above, or something entirely new that we develop from scratch.

How does it work

We deploy our multi-disciplinary team of strategists to bear on every challenge, bringing their varied perspectives to jointly craft an approach that looks at the problem through different lenses. Our team is comprised of former management consultants, investment bankers, lawyers, market researchers, media analysts, brand managers, even sociologists and a nationally ranked athlete, all of whom share a passion for translating customer research into actionable business and marketing strategy.

In every engagement, our objective is to take a rigorous eye to the best research that is available from across Ipsos, and from other sources, infuse it with our category and functional expertise, and distill it all down to actionable strategy and the related tactics.

Why are we unique?

While most advisory firms have a particular point of view and approach, we tailor each engagement to the specific needs of the client, bringing our diverse background to bear, making customer input and research a foundational component of every recommendation. Rather than let "experts" or "consultants" drive how a business should move, we let the voice of the customer serve as inspiration. The result is an outcome that cannot be achieved by traditional professional services disciplines working independently.

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