DUEL: Fast Concept or Idea Testing

Say Good-bye to Scales with Gamified Testing

DUEL: Fast Concept or Idea Testing

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  • Paul Lauzon Senior Vice President, Canada
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Beyond Scales

  • DUEL pits stimuli against each other in on-screen
  • Online mobile friendly so consumers can quickly tap
    on their winner

System 1 Testing

  • Uses indirect measure of reaction time to uncover
    the subconscious response of consumers

Fast, Fun and Engaging

  • Rapidly tests 10 – 100+ items with .95 test/retest reliability
  • Gamified approach more fun than traditional surveys
  • Modular; can be embedded into any survey

Business Issues Addressed

  • How can I quickly and inexpensively choose which concept
    or idea (i.e. Scratch ticket or Slot theme) to pursue?
  • How can I go beyond direct survey measures to identify
    what consumers are most passionate about?
  • How can I get a deeper understanding of consumer
    reaction to any stimuli being tested?

Answers To Your Questions

Explicit and Indirect Preference

We provide a Preference Score based on the
proportion of time the stimuli wins a head-to-head
comparison, and a Punch Score that indicates
the passion for the stimuli based on lag times for
wins. We combine these measures into a Promise
Score that identifies the strongest performer as well
as items with niche appeal.

What Can Be Tested?

Test a variety of items:

  • ticket concepts
  • game names
  • logo designs
  • advertising claims
  • experiential prize options
  • merchandise prize options
  • taglines
  • ticket callouts

Additional Analysis

Combine with other tools to maximize value. Include
a Hot Clicks exercise to evaluate stand-out areas
of the stimuli, or Text Analytics on open end
responses to uncover consumer perceptions about
your stimuli.

Our Approach

Data collection Online Mobile Friendly
Survey length DUEL module can be done in less than 5 minutes
Stimuli Simple stimuli such as Scratch tickets or casino game themes
Methodology Randomized bracket design presents consumers with pairs of stimuli in a series of comparisons. Winners go on to the next round until a final winning concept is chosen
Sample size Each stimulus is seen by at least 100 respondents

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The author(s)

  • Paul Lauzon Senior Vice President, Canada

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