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At Ipsos, we are passionate about helping clients identify, qualify, optimise and forecast the business potential of innovations for consumer goods, services and durables, products, packaging and new business models. Our rapid and validated end-to-end solutions, combine optimisation with qualification, to enable clients to be faster in seizing opportunities and be more agile and confident in bringing their products to market.

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Innovation and Behavioral Science

Infographie Behavioral Infographie Behavioral 2

time to decide cover Innovation Research Behavior First Impression Matter Speed Dating Innovations Winning Claims In Uncertain TimesFunctional food - a drink to your health

Discover our podcast about why understanding consumers' response times is so important to so much of the work that we do. Here on Spotify.


Innovation Agility

Acceleration | Web and mobile technology | going faster |  Ipsos Innovating in challenging times | Ipsos | Concept testing

Ipsos Views | Innovation in inflationary times Ipsos Views | Challenging the status quo


Connected services and new business models

Assessing post-pandemic stickiness of product subscriptions Cracking the code for voice commerce | Ipsos Innovating during challenging times: Research during Coronavirus for Services, Durables, and Technology | Ipsos

Watch our video bites on voice-commerce:

Financial Services and Insurance

The Future Calls for Meaningful Inclusion Niche Doesn't Mean Small Does Sustainability Have a Role in Financial Services Is technology what people want to buy


Activating Trends


Clean, Green and Affordable | Sustanable packaging | Hygiene | Coronavirus | Ipsos The third moment of truth | Ipsos Adressing the Sustainability Ipsos


Forecasting in challenging times: Considerations and actions before, during and after coronavirus| Ipsos

Product Testing

Adapting product testing to challenging times | Ipsos Towards More Agile and Efficient Product Testing Ipsos

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Media & Brand Communication