Ipsos Launches New Annual Global Business Influencers Study

Finds senior business executives access 14 different media brands in a month. A third say Brexit will weaken EU but few think it will lead to end of the union.

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  • James Torr Audience Measurement for Global Business Influencers Study, UK
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Ipsos today announced the first of a new global syndicated survey looking at the media, business, financial, luxury and travel habits of the most senior global business executives.

The Ipsos Global Business Influencers (GBI) survey is the world’s leading study for reaching and understanding this important audience globally and covers 16 key countries in Europe, the USA and Asia (including China). The new study gives an unprecedented insight into the most senior business people in companies with 50 employees or more, providing a consistent global view of this niche audience which represents less than 1% of the population, yet wields significant influence, consumer spending power, and control of corporate budgets.

A group apart

The inaugural report finds that this group has significant differences in attitudes to the general population. Much like others around them, this audience think that the world is changing too fast (73% of global respondents say this) but crucially, they understand that being able to adapt to new challenges and environments is critical to the success of their business and 74% say they change plans to take account of new conditions. 

When asked about the impact of Brexit, a big change which international businesses will need to adapt to, globally many (35%) think it will weaken the EU, but only 8% think that it will lead to the disintegration of the EU entirely. That said, Global Business Influencers, in Europe in particular, do expect Brexit will affect their business (73% of European respondents agree.)

High media consumption, high engagement

The study takes a brand-centric approach to media measurement, looking first at reach at a total brand level and then by platform so that advertisers, agencies and media owners can understand what media is being consumed by this audience, and on which platforms.

It finds Global Business Influencers in Europe are avid and heavy consumers of all media, using multiple media brands across many platforms. In the past 30 days, Global Business Influencers read or accessed on average 14 different media brands and they are incredibly engaged with the media they consume, spending an average of 33 minutes with a media brand when consuming content.

The full findings of the survey also have detailed information about respondents’ business decision making, as well as their travel, luxury, financial and lifestyle habits – areas where the spending power of this audience has disproportionate influence and can hold the key to profitability. For example, when flying, 54% in Europe travel in first and business class, which despite making up only a small proportion of passengers on airlines, account for around 50% of revenue.

Commenting on the launch, James Torr, Ipsos Connect, said:

“There continues to be a need from advertisers, agencies and media owners to be able to understand, reach and communicate with Senior Business Executives. Since Ipsos has started research on this specific population, it has undergone continuous change and adapted to an ever new political, economic and technological environment. Our surveys also have adapted. We have gone from regional surveys to global surveys; printed surveys to digital surveys; from platforms to brands.

The Global Business Influencer survey fits perfectly into the media and advertising world we now exist in and provides a rich insight into the lives of this group who wield so much influence and power in global business.”

The author(s)

  • James Torr Audience Measurement for Global Business Influencers Study, UK

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