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Beyond the screen: Driving authentic engagement through hybrid online-offline communities

People do not separate their online and offline experiences into separate boxes; they feel equally real to us, existing on the same continuum. Communities should not be an exception.

Rewiring your CX DNA

The foundations of a winning customer strategy

ChatGPT and the rise of generative AI: navigating the changing landscape of AI

While the domain of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been growing in recent years, ChatGPT accelerated its adoption and broke through as the first “mass” Generative AI application. It is important to take notice and put this and other emerging tools in perspective as the implications of…

Respiratory Syncytial Virus : The race to market continues

The first wave of Ipsos’s Syndicated Global RSV study, fielded in 8 markets in Europe.

Embedding ESG in Experience

Strengthening customer relationships and doing right by the world.

Mapping the journey to sustainable pack: What consumers want

Considering various environmental concerns, the accumulation of waste, packaging and plastic is the third-biggest concern across the globe (41%), after the threat posed by climate change (46%) and extreme climate events (43%).

Speed dating with innovations: What’s your innovation’s pick-up line?

This white paper explains how the communication of innovation has changed drastically and how consumers have adapted to this new reality.

RSV: On the verge of change

After decades of failed attempts, the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) treatment and vaccine landscape is on the verge of profound change.

Advertising: finally… a 'Misfit' Christmas ad

Christmas is a time of joy and coming together, of exchanging gifts and being with the ones that matter most to us. And while this year Christmas feels a bit different, with inflation and an impending recession to greet us in 2023, another staple we can always count on is Christmas advertising.

CX service design: creating emotional attachment and driving brand growth

Designing customer experiences that drive business success