Ipsos Views

Embracing Mixed Mode Research

Why Mixed Mode is more than just a plan B and the way to future-proof your research studies.

The power of research panels

Ipsos has invested in a global network of online access research for the past 20 years to deliver the highest standard of research insights. We believe the future of quality market research will continue to depend on properly managed research panels.

Shifting context, shifting priorities

Time for a strategic reset?

The science of behaviour change

The principles and practice of tackling behaviour change challenges in a world that remains unpredictable and changeable.

Great expectations: Developments and dynamics of a COVID-19 vaccine

The success of a COVID-19 vaccine is one of the biggest challenges we face globally. This paper explores the opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead.

The Forces of Customer Experience in Latin America

The science of strong relationships.

Black Friday 2020: Time to breathe new life into the long-standing retail event

Black Friday 2020 will be like no other. It could make or break retailers’ years. It could mark the death knell of Black Friday itself.

Money talks or budget walks

Delivering a Return on Customer Experience Investment: ROCXI.

From unstructured data to intelligence

Exploring the journey of social media data, from tech platforms to research solutions.

Taking action on sustainability

Sustainability is not only a relevant topic today, it is the long-term viability of a business.