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Driving compliance at the frontline

This paper is recommended reading, by our Mystery Shopping experts, for any organisation – regulators and the regulated – interested in ensuring that frontline staff are adhering to regulatory standards and are treating customers fairly.

Leveraging Real-World Evidence to Drive Pricing & Access

The importance of Multiple Data Source Integration and Value Attribution in Multi-Component Disease Management.

Oncology in the Time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for healthcare systems worldwide – with an already overburdened system and large population, the Indian healthcare system was no exception.

The Path to Techquity

Ipsos partnered with the HLTH Foundation to shine a light on existing health tech-related inequities in the US and identify opportunities for the industry to address techquity gaps.

Innovation in Inflationary Times

A playbook for innovation leaders in the CPG industry.

What makes a new product succeed

A new framework for understanding consumers’ propensity to switch

Opinion Polls: A continual improvement process

Political opinion polls come under great scrutiny in the run-up to elections, as we try to make sense of often changing and sometimes fragmenting political landscapes. But by implementing new approaches and staying mindful of common sources of error, opinion polls can remain a vital tool for…

Conquering Complexity: The ongoing revolution in oncology biomarker testing

The clinical management of cancer patients has undergone a remarkable evolution in the last 15 years, with the concept of personalised medicine now well-entrenched in the treatment paradigm.

Putting in the Effort: Why treating customers fairly is key to business success

Measuring customer effort in isolation is not enough. Organisations need to measure the Customer: Company Effort Ratio (C:CER) which takes both perceived customer and company effort into account.

A Panoramic View: With whom and with what do I truly compete?

Getting an accurate and complete answer to the question of who you compete with is critical.