Ipsos Views

Trust misplaced?

A report on the future of trust in media.

Driving quality

Quantifying the connection between quality and loyalty in automotive purchase.

Pictures speak louder than words: Towards a new understanding of brand choice

Using metaphor elicitation to gain a truer consumer-centric measure of influence.

Dancing with Duality

Achieving brand growth in a mindful and mindless world.

Taking a stand in the age of COVID-19

A corporate communications perspective.

Bigger innovations need bigger data

Using consumer “signals” to identify new Innovation Spaces.

When Difference doesn’t mean Different: Understanding cultural bias in global CX programmes

Ipsos’ Customer Experience team examines the approaches organisations can take to continue to benefit from global studies and gather reliable, efficient and effective results in the face of cultural response bias.

Clean, green and affordable: Striking a balance between sustainability, hygiene and value in packaging

In a COVID-19 world, companies that can balance sustainability, hygiene and value will build long-term reputational equity and greater chance of success.

The time is now: Telehealth and rise of virtual care

Virtual care has gained increased importance during coronavirus, but will this bring about a permanent shift in remote healthcare.

A little happiness goes a long way: How to grow a premium brand during a recession

It may be natural to think premium brands do badly during a downturn, but premium brands viewed as affordable indulgences can do better in a recession.