Ipsos Views

Mastering complexity: The path towards a cancer-free reality

This is the third and final paper in a series which began eight years ago, focusing on unravelling – and ultimately overcoming – the sheer complexity of cancer, one of humanity’s oldest and most formidable foes.

Mapping out demand spaces by context

Introducing Ipsos' unique demand space segmentation approach

Demystifying double materiality

A new model for corporate ESG compliance and leadership.

Why respondent centric research drives quality insights

To ensure optimal data quality, insights and recommendations, it is critical for clients and research agencies to respect the needs of research participants.

Emotions around the world

A cross-cultural framework for emotion measurement.

Conversations with AI Part II: Unveiling AI quality in qualitative workstreams

In this white paper we explore how generative AI can be used within qualitative research.

A guide to illicit trade assessment

Measuring and understanding the size, shape, and impact of illicit trade