Ipsos Views

Mental Wellness: The Changing Indian Attitude

Our latest India briefing paper explores the impact of Covid-19 and digitalisation on mental wellbeing.

Addressing the Sustainability Say-Do Gap

How brands can lead the way to activate consumer behaviour change in sustainability.

The other side of the story

The evolving landscape of COVID-19 treatments

What a difference a year makes

Profiling the ‘Digital Doctor’ in 2021

Get Real, Get Creative!

Real understanding to climb the creative effectiveness ladder

Time to Decide

Measuring response time for innovation and brand growth.

Towards more agile and efficient product testing

Opportunities and limitations for small sample sizes

The Key To Your CX Success

Finding the right customer experience KPI for your business

Bringing the patient voice to the fore

Using social data to understand how to bring more empathy into the HCP-patient relationship in changing healthcare environments

Emptier Planet

Are we ready for the shock of global population decline?