The Operational Angle: an Ipsos podcast

A monthly podcast on data collection methods in market research.

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  • Leah McTiernan Total Operations, Canada
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The Operational Angle is an Ipsos podcast that explores the breadth and depth of Ipsos’ data collection capabilities. These capabilities are unmatched in the market research industry, ensuring that we provide decision-makers with access to consumers and citizens anywhere, at any time.

If you care about the quality and rigour of the data collected for your study, and how it impacts the decisions you can make, then this is the podcast for you.

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Episode 8 - A question of Gender

Trixie Cartwright (Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Total Operations) discusses her new paper in the International Journal of Market Research (IJMR) called "A Question of Gender - Gender Classification in International Research" which advances the conversation about how to accurately and sensitively capture data on respondents' gender across multiple markets, where cultural attitudes can be extremely varied.


Episode 7 – Knowledge Panel
In this episode, host Leah McTiernan is joined by Alex Bogdan, Associate Director, Public Affairs, Ipsos in the UK, Annie Weber, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Ipsos in the US, and Jim Bernier, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Ipsos in the US, to discuss Ipsos’ knowledge panel capabilities, our propriety probability-based access panel. Learn more about our knowledge panels in the US and the UK.


Episode 6 – Trust and Advocacy 2 – Market research practices
This is the second episode of the Operational Angle podcast on the topic of trust and advocacy in research. Your host Leah McTiernan speaks to Cristina Mihoc, President of Global Access and Panels, on the practices that market researchers can take to encourage long-lasting participation and motivation among trusting panelists and respondents. This is based on the findings of a recent Ipsos Research on Research study, and the Ipsos Views paper Trust in Research.

NOTE: The sound quality deteriorates at around 6 minutes but it does pass. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Episode 5: Trust and Advocacy in Research – The role of public affairs
In this episode of The Operational Angle, our host Leah McTiernan speaks to Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos' Public Affairs, about trust and advocacy in market research. Their discussion focuses on how public affairs at Ipsos help to provide a public face to citizens and consumers. This familiarity with Ipsos as an organisation conducting meaningful social and political research in turn encourages participation in surveys and studies around the world. Read more on the topic in our recent Ipsos Views paper Trust in Research.


Episode 4: iField: The Future of Offline Research
Offline, or face-to-face, fieldwork is an integral pillar of market research data collection. Ipsos conducts over 6 million face-to-face interviews each year, with capabilities in 150 markets. In this episode, host Leah McTiernan speaks to Ipsos experts from the UK, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa about iField, Ipsos’ best-in-class integrated fieldwork management system, and how it can ensure quality and consistency of data collected for a range of surveys. Read more about iField


Episode 3: Respondent Quality
In this episode of The Operational Angle, we turn to the all-important issue of online respondent data quality in market research. We discuss how Ipsos is working to minimise unengaged or fraudulent respondents who do not provide meaningful answers to surveys. Joining host Leah McTiernan this week are Ipsos experts Cristina Mihoc, Jen Weitz and Cecile Carre.


Episode 2: The Power of Research Panels
In this episode of The Operational Angle, we are entering the world of research panels with Frank Kelly as our guide. Speaking to Leah McTiernan, he outlines the things to know about conducting quality panel research, Ipsos’ particular strength in this area, and future possibilities of panel research. Read more on this topic in: The Power of Research Panels.


Season 1, Episode 1: Mixed Mode Research
In the first episode of The Operational Angle, our host Leah McTiernan talks to Ipsos colleagues Adele Bearfield, Andrew Cleary, Andrew Green and Nik Reynolds about their experiences of carrying out social, audience measurement and product testing research through a Mixed Mode design. They discuss how they have overcome the challenges of 2020 as well as the benefits that Mixed Mode offers their research programmes. Read more on the topic in our white paper Embracing Mixed Mode Research.

The author(s)
  • Leah McTiernan Total Operations, Canada

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