Device Agnostic: Why You Need to Transform Now

Device agnostic is no longer the future of online research. It’s happening now.

Device Agnostic: Why You Need to Transform Now

Marketers must adapt quickly or risk losing touch with their consumers. Over half of the global population is now using a smartphone and that is predicted to rise to over 70% by 2021. At the same time, fixed broadband Internet subscriptions are flatlining. As a result, we will see online research being replaced by mobile research as the face of digital changes:


  • From 2015 to 2021 smartphone subscriptions will increase by 3 billion – and mobile Internet will reach 8 billion users
  • During the same period, the Middle East and Africa will see 4x growth in mobile broadband subscriptions
  • In emerging territories, including Asia, PC/mobile convergence has already been achieved - meaning that consumers have now switched to a mobile first method of connecting to the Internet

As a result, researchers need to be mobile first too. This means we have to be device agnostic – but what exactly

does this mean? Simply stated, device agnostic surveys are designed to allow respondents to complete them on their device of choice: from the smallest smartphone through tablets, PCs, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Migrating to device agnostic is not just about using a new technical platform, it actually requires a new way of thinking about research.

Device agnostic is forcing us to develop shorter, sharper, more refined questionnaires which will ultimately improve

the quality of consumer insights.

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