Global Trends in Privacy and Technology: Data Dilemmas

The public remain prepared to share their data, within limits 

Global Trends in Privacy and Technology: Data Dilemmas

The public remain prepared to share their data, within limits

Whether it’s that eerily accurate advert that pops up after you and your spouse have agreed to buy a new sofa, or your quick acceptance of the default cookie settings on a website so you can read an article a colleague just sent you, at times we all question who has our data and what they’re doing with it. But how much do people really care? And perhaps more importantly, are they willing to do something about it?

Despite constant news of hacks, data breaches, scams and online manipulation, people have not really changed their habits around data privacy and security. The majority of people across the globe either know, or assume, that their data is being collected and used, but they don't know who has it, what is being done with it, and how they can prevent their data from being collected.

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The alternative is not using social media platforms and services at all, but this leaves no middle ground for those who are privacy-minded. While requiring opt-in for certain functionality is becoming more common, brands such as Apple have begun pushing for enhanced data privacy in order to differentiate themselves and reassure customers.

Beyond the consumer landscape, there’s increasing worry about the use of citizens’ data by foreign governments and state actors, for uses from hacking to inciting social upheaval. Data has become the currency of a technological cold war. This has led to protectionist laws about where data can be stored and even which technology providers are allowed to do business.

With the recent proliferation of data protection initiatives worldwide, there is more transparency and choice around how consumers are tracked – but the picture is not yet complete. As we approach a cookie-less world, marketers and data companies will position and evolve their services to maintain business as usual.

The level of concern about privacy varies hugely from market to market

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