Global Trends in Conscientious Health

Mental health is as much of a priority as physical health 

Global Trends in Conscientious Health

Mental health is as much of a priority as physical health

Health is becoming more holistic, taking into account multiple meanings of well-being. The interconnectedness of health with other systems is also being examined, to begin to address inequities.

Health is no longer just about physical well-being. Mental, emotional, financial and other aspects of health are becoming part of the conversation, broadening our collective understanding of what it means to be "in good health.”

There is a growing realization of how connected our health is to everything around us, including our local environment and the world at large. This goes beyond the microbiome of the gut or macro-biome of the home to examine health through three lenses: me, my world and the world. This drives a connection between sustainability and health.

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However, this holistic, aspirational view of health is chiefly prevalent among wealthier consumers, regions and nations; countries and people who are less well-off economically usually have to focus on the effects of physical ill-health.

At the same time, closer examination of the structural impacts of people, government, societies and business reveals that there are many systemic impacts to health – for example, a shift to eating more processed food is leading to an increase in diabetes and heart disease. Chronic health conditions tied to environmental factors such as air quality and pollution are also being explored, with the findings often being that systemic inequities are driving negative outcomes for marginalized groups.

The drive to do more about our physical health is strong across all markets

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