Global Trends in The Technology Dimension

People need to be persuaded that new technologies will improve their lives rather than adopting them without question

Global Trends in The Technology Dimension

People need to be persuaded that new technologies will improve their lives rather than adopting them without question

The rapid pace of technological change and disruption over the past few decades cannot be understated. However, years on, many people are wondering whether the promises made by Big Tech have been kept, and what we need to do collectively to harness the potential of tech – and mitigate its risks.

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Even though technology may seem pervasive in our everyday lives, there’s still considerable digitization of industries and systems to be done. For example, interactions with government websites rarely feel technically optimal. Now that technology is embedded in our daily lives and routines, many people are asking the question: ‘Has it made our lives better or worse?’ The answer: it depends. It depends on who you ask, where they live, and what specific technology you’re asking about.

Has digital technology made good on the promises it made of greater efficiency and better connection and collaboration? Social media in particular has been questioned. Many users are now choosing a ‘digital detox’, with some claiming that the end of Instagram is near, as it becomes more heavily monetized and vies for user attention by replicating other apps versus innovating on its own.

Speaking of monetization, after years of growth, Big Tech is pulling back. Massive layoffs and reductions in spending have hit an industry that has seen little hardship to date. But is this enough to stave off greater calls for accountability and regulation? Among government detractors, concerns of national security as it relates to foreign technology are commonplace. Will the internet eventually fracture between east and west?

Last, we would be remiss not to mention the metaverse and generative artificial intelligence, which has captured the world’s attention, even though we don't quite know what it is. Is it here already? Is it a PR pivot? Or will it be the next big thing for societies, markets and people?

Most people in all markets recognise the central role of technology in their lives

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