Global Trends in Healthcare Choice

People continue to want control over their own health outcomes

Global Trends in Healthcare Choice

People continue to want control over their own health outcomes

While the pandemic understandably required governmental-level oversight, legislation and enforcement, the longer-term trend has been for people to want more direct access to healthcare and more control over their solutions and outcomes.

Consumers continue to want more access to providers and specialists, regardless of their location, and more control over their well-being. Medical professionals have been weathering the pandemic and demand fair compensation and treatment.

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The pandemic led to many changes in healthcare, which will be felt for decades to come, particularly in developed markets. Chief among these was speeding up the availability of virtual visits, allowing patients to consult with specialists and physicians around the world. This democratisation has increased competition in the market by removing some of the physical boundaries of care.

Post-pandemic, ageing populations and longer waiting lists, along with a rising demand for health services, are challenges that healthcare systems are struggling to meet. For example, in 2023 the National Health Service is once again the biggest issue in Britain, according to the general public.

Covid-19 highlighted how critical doctors, nurses and support staff are to our collective health, and how little they are recognised. In much the same way that we’ve seen a shifting power balance in other workplaces, healthcare workers are organising to lobby and strike for better working conditions and compensation.

As populations continue to age, this will place more stress on healthcare systems and providers. Governments will urgently need to debate how healthcare should be monitored, paid for and delivered. And as technology continues to pervade everyday life, we’ll see greater advances in remote biometrics and AI-enabled early detection of diseases – which will be especially important with over-worked providers and a greater population of patients with serious illnesses.

Control over one’s own health is a shared global desire

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