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Flair Italy 2018 アイデンティティを捜し求める国

イプソス・フレア・イタリア(Ipsos Flair Italy)は、今回で第8版目になります。今回は、現在イタリアで起きている現象、それに対するイタリア人の反応や世界におけるイタリアの位置についてイタリア人がどう感じているかなどが説明されています。今回は、ウェブ、ソーシャルリスニング、コミュニティの意見、ブログのエントリーなど、新しいデータ収集形式を用いて情報を収集したことから、さらに中身の濃い内容になっています。

Flair Indonesia 2018 両極端な国


Flair France 2018 - Simmer? Shudder? Or quiver?

Having described France as a time-bomb at the heart of Europe and a country frivolously denying reality, The Economist designated France as the country of the year in 2017. Perhaps Emmanuel Macron’s election has already changed the global outlook on the country.

Flair India 2018 行動への強い願望


Flair Brazil 2018 仮面の下、真実のとき


Flair Italy 2017 - The Bespoke Reality

Italy internalises turbulence, Italy’s families are in an increasingly precarious situation, Italy is dominated by a cautious attitude... Discover the 10 points of Flair Italy 2017.

Flair Peru 2017 - From Informality to Modernity

Today Ipsos Peru launches the local version of Ipsos Flair, dedicated to Peru and Peruvians. The publication explores the individual facets of the individual, whether as consumer, citizen, spectator or employee, with the aim of overturning stereotypes and thinking in a profound and innovative way.

Flair Thailand 2017  懸念の向こう側

Ipsos Flair Thailandへようこそ。2017年版「懸念の向こう側」では、現在のタイの雰囲気をユニークな見方でお伝えします。2017年は低成長に苦しむタイ経済にとって非常に重要な年です。

Flair Colombia 2017 - Reviving

“Reviving” is the word of the year in Colombia and in all the Colombians hopes and dreams. It is our very ambitious bet, thinking about Colombia as a case study in the modern history, where – unfortunately – a lot of countries moved from peace to war, as in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine…

Flair Brazil 2017 - Debris or Seeds?

Currently, Brazil’s situation is hectic. And, this is not the first time that the country faces a difficult situation like this. Some could say this country is definitely condemned to live like in a rollercoaster. But, this time, it may be different. And it is our bet: the current political,…