Gen Z: Key takeaways, data, and strategic insights

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Gen Z has come of age amidst dramatic cultural and political change, from social media to social justice. How does this next generation see the world? Ipsos has been tracking age cohort perspectives on the personal, the political, and the in-between. Here’s an overview of the latest data.

Key takeaways:

The scenarios teens are optimistic — and pessimistic — about

Today’s teens are coming of age in a fast-changing world, and they’re doing it differently than teens of the past. (Read more.)

Gen Z is pessimistic about the impact of individual actions on climate change

As attitudes on climate change shift across global countries, Gen Z  men remain most skeptical of the impact of individual actions. (Read more.)

Teens are comfortable talking about mental health, but fewer are actually doing so

Nine in 10 teens say their mental health has been good in the last month or so, but three in five say they believe the world is more stressful now than it was when their parents or guardians were teens. (Read more.)

Gaps on gender equality across generations

Ipsos’ 2024 International Women’s Day report found that 60% of Gen Z men across 31 countries think women’s equality discriminates against men, with Millennials and Gen Z being less in favor of gender equality than older generations. (Read more)

A look at Gen Z’s media consumption

Nearly half of Americans still tune into one of the three legacy networks (ABC/NBC/CBS) regularly. Networks just edge social media as a regular news source. The generational story is important. And since there’s no real reason to believe that our news consumption is related to our life stage, it’s fair to think of this as a legit generational shift. Which has big implications for our news media, our social platforms and frankly our democracy and understanding of the world around us.(Read more.)

Teens see political division as a major threat to their generation

Gen Z feels today’s political chaos. Yes, other things are important too, like racial discrimination, gun violence, and health, but the red-blue divide is first. (Read more.)

Gen Z is more likely than older generations to believe the U.S. has work to do on equality for Black Americans

Gen Z wants to support brands that treat their customers and employees with respect. They pay attention to brand causes and if their mission statements align with their personal beliefs. With so much information available, Gen Z sees the B.S. and doesn’t entertain it. (Read more.)

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