The future opportunity for AI is cross-cultural intelligence

To interrupt discriminatory or unethical practices in AI, brands will need to bring diverse and contextual qualitative data into their AI workflow, says Ipsos’ Janelle James.

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  • Janelle James Senior vice president, Ipsos UU
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Download the full What the Future: Intelligence issue

Artificial intelligence encompasses everything terrific (access, education, communication) and terrifying (bias, lack of privacy, harassment) for people.

This dichotomy creates several challenges as executives race to leverage AI in their marketing and insights playbooks. The most pressing requires responsible design and deployment to interrupt discriminatory or unethical practices. “Without it, marketers will struggle to implement effective, durable and truly integrated AI systems,” says Janelle James, a senior vice president at Ipsos.

She sees the future opportunity for AI as cross-cultural intelligence where machine learning incorporates more qualitative data related to gender, class, ability, race and other converging aspects of identity.

By adding more diverse and contextual qualitative inputs like natural language, nuance and emotions into AI, brands can better illuminate customer needs, behaviors and preferences while further humanizing AI, she says.

 “As brands look to refine models and customer journeys with AI so they reflect more human experiences, the value of user research, ethnography, cognitive walkthroughs and expert evaluations will increase.”

Ethnography with cross-cultural groups can better reveal customer needs and preferences

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The author(s)
  • Janelle James Senior vice president, Ipsos UU