How we define and experience reality is constantly evolving as technologies to shape and use it become more powerful. This What the Future: Reality issue explores what will that mean for society, brands and business in the coming decades.

The author(s)
  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab
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What the Future: Reality
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Increasingly, reality is what you make of it — and what others want your reality to be. Augmented reality, virtual reality and immersive worlds galore have the potential to make any future discussion of social media “filter bubbles” seem quaint. There’s also a potential future where discussions of headsets seem old-fashioned as we might all have a Star Trek “holodeck” in our homes. There is nothing certain about the future. But it’s certainly likely that mixed realities and virtual realities will become more a part of our lives.

In this What the Future: Reality issue, we’ll examine how more people start to take part, what sort of experience will solve the “If you build it, will they come?” problem, whether immersive space will become a safe space for everyone, how we will create our identities, how we will entertain ourselves and where and how we’ll want to experience brands in these spaces.

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The author(s)
  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab