The future of spending will be driven by how resilient people are to forces largely beyond their control. In this What the Future: Spending issue, we explore how will people respond to these forces with their values and their wallets, and how companies can support a resilient economy.

What the Future: Spending
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Spending issue

The ways and reasons people spend are shifting as underlying forces from aging to technology to climate reshape budgets to shopping options. Where will we spend our money — what will be the mix of physical versus virtual in our future shopping? Who will be able to spend — how will economic volatility matter to people’s spending? How will we find products and services in this changing nature of “discovery”?

The U.S. economy is a $25 trillion beast. We’re not going to solve all its problems. However, in this What the Future: Spending issue, we’ll show how people, businesses and brands are responding to fluctuations in the economy and climate, new technologies for shopping, and evolving values driving purchases. We’ll also share ways that companies and brands can navigate through change and support a more resilient economy.

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