The future of gender is in a state of flux. Here’s how views and norms are changing, and what they could mean for businesses and policymakers.

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  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab
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What the Future: Gender
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In 2020, Ipsos published the first edition of What the Future: Gender. In the three years since then, generational and cultural shifts in media, marketing, politics, and society have transformed how people view everything from gender identity and expression to roles and equality. The ways brands respond could pave new opportunities — or present new barriers — to how people everywhere see themselves and live their lives.

What the Future: Gender explores this issue and how it will affect brands, businesses, and all of us as individuals, in industries ranging from sports to technology to commercial representation.

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Letter from the Editor

Understanding of gender is fluid. Will definitions be, too?

Matt Carmichael, What the Future editor, head of the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab

What the Future: Gender | Matt Carmichael


Interviews & Features

How technology can help us understand each other and ourselves

Cameron Kostopoulos, filmmaker, creator, Body of Mine VR

What the Future: Gender | Cameron Kostopoulos

How behavioral science can boost understanding about gender

Luke Nowlan, Ph.D, director, Ipsos‘ Behavioral Science Center

What the Future: Gender | Luke Nowlan

How we think about generational attitudes

Brand insights from Ipsos' Matt Carmichael

What the Future: Gender | Matt Carmichael

How gender shapes commercial representation for athlete

Erin Kane, vice president, women’s sports at Excel Sports Management

What the Future: Gender | Erin Kane

How men can find new purpose as a gender in ‘crisis’

Ariel Binder, economist

What the Future: Gender | Ariel Binder

Why brands need to include men in the conversation about gender equality

Brand insights from Ipsos' Mallory Newall

What the Future: Gender | Mallory Newall

Why brands can no longer treat women as a monolith

Mercedes Bender, principal, Ipsos Strategy3

What the Future: Gender | Mercedes Bender

How better customer experience can support stressed caregivers

Brand insights from Ipsos' Sarah Morrow

What the Future: Gender | Sarah Morrow

Signs that media is shifting gender perceptions

Latha Sarathy, executive vice president, analytics, insights and measurement, SeeHer ANA

What the Future: Gender | Lartha Sarathy

Future Jobs to Be Done

Jennifer Bender, associate partner, Ipsos Strategy3

What the Future: Gender | Jennifer Bender



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Understanding of gender is fluid. Will definitions be, too?


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The author(s)
  • Matt Carmichael What the Future editor and head of the Ipsos Trends & Foresight Lab